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management software / shipyard

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management software / shipyard management software / shipyard


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NAVIS is able to monitor the entire storage and maintenance procedure of the boats from the definition of a quote to the planning of operations and the issuance of an invoice, as well as the attachment of a detailed economic and financial analysis report of the costs incurred and profitability of the various processes.


Quote with two detail levels;
Work order (quote confirmed – the work passes to its operational phase);
Orders divided by boatyard sector;
Planning of work and optimization of boatyard;
Daily worksheet for worker and order;
Internal and external labor – quantification of daily hours by calculating the hourly cost;
Equipment management, stock and inventories, maximizing stock value;
Unloading stock materials and loading orders;
Management of the direct sales (retail) of stock materials;
Monitoring costs incurred for each order and quantification of profit margins;
Variance between estimates and total final costs;
Tracking of ongoing work and upcoming scheduled deliveries;
Management of estimated hours and total final hours for each job;
Order status: orders pending, in progress, completed, suspended.