lateral thruster joystick / boat

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lateral thruster joystick / boat lateral thruster joystick / boat - BPAJ


  • Applications:

    for lateral thrusters

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Thanks to the design and quality of materials, these new bow or stern thruster panels will be an asset to your dashboard. Due to their compact dimensions, the panels can be placed virtually anywhere!

The thruster panels are waterproof to IP66 from the front and are equipped with a switched output for an additional consumer, such as a remotely controlled battery main switch for the bow thruster. These panels also feature:
• a built-in time delay, to prevent thruster damage caused by reversing the direction of rotation too quickly
• a warning signal with automatic shutdown in the event of continuous running for more than 2 minutes
• protection against accidental operation (child lock)
• automatic shut off after 30 minutes inactivity

The BP.R in brief :
The 52 mm hole diameter is the same as VETUS engine gauges. The front bezels are also identical to the gauges and are supplied in white, black and chromed plastic. As a result, the panels can be customised to match existing gauges on the dashboard. It is even possible to mount this new thruster control in an engine start panel, in place of a gauge.
• Small installation diameter - 52mm
• Compact size – 63.5 mm o.d. x 89 mm installation depth
• High quality design matches VETUS engine gauges
• Includes white, black and chromed bezels for customised appearance
• Easy installation, even in an engine start panel
• Additional 3 A switched output
• Waterproof to IP66 from the front

The BPA in brief:
The 52 mm hole diameter is the same as VETUS engine gauges. The panel will cover an existing hole when replacing a VETUS 85 x 85 mm control panel (type BP.E). This makes the BPA ideal to update your dashboard. The luxurious design of