self-inflating life jacket / professional
COMPACT SMART - 150 Veleria San Giorgio



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Buoyancy:

    160 N


Inflatable lifejacket. Double compartment floating chamber. Equipped with Buddy System. Available with Single Automatic Activator (SAA). Vacuum package with tear strip opening.

Lifejacket features (02112/P/SMART):
■ Activation: automatic
■ Size: adult
■ Weight: 43/140 kg
■ Chest size: Less than or 175cm
■ Buoyancy: 160 N
■ Certification: SOLAS M.E.D.
■ Cover fabric: VACUUM SEALED PE BAG
■ Chamber fabric: PA 420 PU COATED
■ Activator: UML-MK5
■ CO2 cylinder: 33g

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