inboard express cruiser / hard-top / yacht tender / 1-cabin
VQ50 Vanquish Yachts



  • Motor type:


  • Deck layout:


  • Style:

    yacht tender

  • Below-deck configuration:


  • Deck features:


  • Length:

    15.2 m (49'10")


Every Vanquish is fully developed and custom built to the specific demands of its owner. Made entirely in aluminium and by hand, our boats give clients a wealth of freedom and flexibility, bringing to life wishes and requirements that cannot be realised in polyester craft. For instance, it is relatively easy to expand a Vanquish with an extra cabin, increase her beam or reduce the clearance.

As the owner of this particular Vanquish 50 is relatively tall, she has a higher hull and superstructure, for example. The extra space in the cockpit and under the electric sunroof helps ensure sufficient headroom. The client also requested a garage for a Williams tender on the starboard side so we developed a special technique that simplifies the launch and return of the tender.