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rigid kayak / sea / expedition / solo
Etain Series Valley



  • Structure:


  • Intended use:

    sea, expedition

  • Capacity:



Summary – Fast, straight tracking but still with the hint of playfulness that all our kayaks are famous for. The longer waterline, of the Etain, ensures that performance is maintained and handling remains predictable, even when laden.
Background – At Valley, we has a long history of producing expedition sea kayaks. In fact, we started this trend by designing the Nordkapp back in 1975. Whilst Expedition, Expedition-Capable and Expedition-style, are widely used to describe many longer (17’ plus) sea kayaks, it is important to understand what this term really means. Most importantly to us, it shouldn’t mean that these kayaks are only suitable for extended multi-day trips. However, it does mean they’ve got the characteristics required, if that’s what you want to do. Importantly, it’s the key characteristics of; speed, good tracking and a performance that isn’t greatly affected by variations in load, that make these kinds of kayak also suitable for a wide range of sea-kayaking activities and accounts for the popularity of this class of kayak.