power boat awning
VA-Varuste Oy


  • Application domain:

    for power boats


Functionality, style and durability

A boat canopy functions as an additional protection under various conditions – cold, hot, come rain or shine! A boat canopy’s functionality, appearance and durability are always an important part of a boat's usability and general appearance. Our original boat canopies are always designed in cooperation with boat manufacturers, taking into account the various boat applications available. This way boat canopies best serve you, the boat user.

When your boat canopy starts to show need of renewal, you know you can get a fine-quality product from us – already designed at the outset with the special purposes of your boat in mind. As a producer of authentic canopies, we are able to offer you a product made in accordance with the original pattern for your boat and canopy arch.
According to your requirements, you can choose to renew only the boat canopy without the arch, or order new arches for your canopy as well. In addition, you can personally select the colour of your new canopy from our selection, which offers over 20 different colours.