Outdoor spotlight / indoor / for boats / stair-climbing
QT 42 & 42-I Underwater Lights Limited


  • Type:

    outdoor, indoor

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Applications:


  • Light source:


  • Mounting:

    built-in, fixed


The QT 42 & 42-I are Exterior or Interior fixed LED lights.

It is suitable for step lighting, downlighting, emergency lighting and accent lighting.

The light has a choice of LED ratedup to 100 lumens or up to 250 lumens.

The LED is available in cool white,warm white, blue, green and red.

The Qt LED 42 requires a remote driver to power the light.

The Qt LED 42-I driver is integral.

Images under "DIAGRAMS" show the models numbers, IP rating and dimensions.


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