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AHT anchor-handling tugboat offshore support vessel


  • Type:

    AHT anchor-handling tugboat

  • Length:

    127.5 m (418' 4")

  • DWT:

    10050000 kg (22156457.35 lb)


M/S ”Normand Clipper” was built 2001 as a
cable laying and repair vessel with large capacities.
Two cable laying lines with cable drum
engines were mounted.
The Vessel is re-designed and re-arranged for the
extensive conversion to a Offshore Construction
Vessel. The breadth of main hull is increased by
1.8 mtrs. each side by mounting side sponsons.
The work deck is reinforced to 10 tonnes/m2
throughout, and the global strength of the
hull is increased. Two off passive roll reduction
tanks, a anti heeling system , and a moon pool
5.6 x 6.6 mtrs. have been arranged. A hangar for
work ROV and an accommodation module aft of
superstructure is arranged. The electrical distribution
system has been upgraded in order to supply
a.o. a 250 tonnes sub-sea crane. Rearrangement
of deck cranes aft deck, lifeboats, MOB boat etc.,
and upgrading of fire alarm, video surveillance,
telephone, data network and DP systems.
The Vessel is equipped with a number of features
for a wide range of offshore operations like:
Heavy lift crane 250 t for sub-sea installation
and construction work
Large deck for offshore construction operations
Operation in both shallow and deep water
Range 6000 n.m. at service speed
Continuous operation at sea for 40 days


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