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Offshore support vessel / construction vessel


  • Type:

    construction vessel

  • Length:

    130 m (426' 6")

  • DWT:

    14180000 kg (31261548.78 lb)


M/S Normand Seven is built as an
Offshore Construction Vessel with large
capacities. The Vessel able to is undertake all
aspects of offshore construction and
installation works. The Vessel is built for
world-wide sub-sea operations
including operation in coastal waters of any
state. The vessel is designed with emphasis on
efficiency, safety and economy. Considerations
have been taken to minimize environmental
Main Activities
Flexi Pipe Installation Laying
Construction, Maintenance and Installation
Capabilities using Crane
ROV support (side loading to both sides)
Subsea Maintenance and Installation work
Umbilical Pipe Laying (preparation only)
M/V Normand Seven is arranged with
diesel electric machinery with six diesel
engines divided between two separate engine
rooms. The main thrusters and side thrusters
configuration is arranged for station keeping
of the vessel under rough weather conditions.
M/V Normand Seven is built and painted
(tanks and exterior) in dry dock inside covered
dock hall, thus ensuring controllable
atmosphere and the best quality of work.


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