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AHT anchor handling tugs vessels offshore support vessel


  • Type:

    AHT anchor handling tugs vessels

  • Length:

    82.1 m (269' 5")

  • DWT:

    3620000 kg (7980733.89 lb)


ULSTEIN A101 is a Large Multifunctional
Anchor Handling / Tug / Supply Vessel, designed
by Ulstein Design AS.

ULSTEIN A101 is designed and arranged for a
wide range of offshore operations like:
Anchor handling and towing. High bollard pull.
Anchor and mooring line handling in deep water.
Handling and installation of subsea construction
blocks and equipment.
ROV operations

Trenching sea bed for pipe laying.
Good manoeuvrability and station keeping
capabilities, with outstanding redundant
dynamic positioning.
Outstanding motion characteristics which ensures
high operability during harsh weather conditions.
Considerable capacities of liquid cargo and
deck cargo.
Low noise and vibration levels in accommodation
and on working deck.
Power economic solutions and low fuel oil
consumption, due to efficient hull form.
Fulfilling NOFO 2000 requirements.
Fuel oil overflow system.

M/V "Olympic Pegasus" is built with a hotel
compliment of high standards and with capacity
for 61 persons. The wheelhouse is very spacious,
and has excellent visibility in all directions.


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