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AHT anchor handling tugs vessels offshore support vessel


  • Type:

    AHT anchor handling tugs vessels

  • Length:

    93.8 m (307' 8")

  • DWT:

    4931000 kg (10870994.15 lb)


M/V “OLYMPIC ZEUS” is a Anchor Handle Tug Supply Vessel
designed by Ulstein Design AS.
The vessel is equipped with a hybrid configuration of power
plant serving two main propellers, one retractable thruster
forward, two side tunnel thrusters forward and two aft.
The vessel is equipped, built and certified according to
IMO Class II for Dynamic Positioning, ensuring the vessel to
obtain the best station keeping capabilities in DP
manoeuvering mode (ERN 99, 99, 99).
Main Activities
• Anchor Handling Towing Winch, 500 t SWL, separate drums,
inboard cable lifters
• 250 t SWL Offshore Crane for handling of construction blocks
over PS ship side (dismountable type, to be mobilized)
• Removable sections of PS cargo rail, 14 m length, for crane
• Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR)
• ROV Hangar arranged for deployment of Work ROV to
starboard side
• Work ROV LARS 4000 metres for Sub Sea operations
• Foundation for 250 t SWL and for 350 t SWL A-Frame
M/V ”OLYMPIC ZEUS” is a environmental friendly ship in all
respects. The ship is built according to Det Norske Veritas class
Clean Design. Also, catalytic reactors for minimum NOx
emissions are installed. A Green Passport complying with IMO
ship recycling recommendations is issued.
M/V ”OLYMPIC ZEUS” is built, equipped, and painted (tanks
and exterior) in drydock inside covered dockhall, thus ensuring
controllable atmosphere and the best quality of work.


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