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Inflatable stand-up paddle-board (SUP) / shortboard

The Gerry Lopez model is our more advanced SUP. It has a more traditional shape. A pointed nose with good kick for better penetration when paddling out through the surfline or recovering from a nose dive in whitewater. The tail is pulled in and this helps in turning and late takeoffs. A more durable and heavier model, the GL X-2 is the board that can take the constant abuse of rivers and rocky shores. The deck of the board is covered with an EVA deck grip. Fins; tri-fin-typical thruster set up.

Includes hand pump and gauge, and one D Ring to attach a leash.


D Rings: These rings allow the use of tie down straps for adding gear on the board. (+$20/ring)
Stomp Pad: Gain maximum foot traction at the back of the board. (+$30)
Wiki Rail: Creates a hard rail or 90 edge on the tail of the board. This shape cuts the drag, turbulence and suction, increases speed. (+$30)


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