Personal submarine / maximum depth < 100 m
C-QUESTER 2 (2 PERSONS - 100M) U-Boat Worx B.V.


  • Type:


  • Depth:

    maximum depth < 100 m


Key features
- Full 360° acrylics & glass-bottom hull
- 100 metre operating depth
- 8 hours endurance
- Standard air conditioning system
- 120 cm storage height for yachts
- Lightest 2-person sub in its class
Explore & Discover
If you’ve ever dreamt of discovering the underwater world in your personal submersible, then now is the time to get serious. Introducing the C-Quester 2 – an all-new submersible destined to make your dreams come true. With its state-of-the-art technology and fully acrylic design, U-Boat Worx is now offering the smallest, Germanischer Lloyd certified and most advanced sub in the business.
Amazing features
The C-Quester 2 is easy to handle, features an entanglement-free design and is equipped with a powerful Li-ion battery system and air conditioning unit. Its glass-bottom window greatly increases visibility, and also allows you to see directly downwards. The unique advantage of the C-Quester 2 is its limited weight and low storage height (198 cm) requirement, which can be lowered even further as the entire dome of the submersible is removable, thereby creating 120 cm total height. This sub and its operation are designed with limited crew requirements and minimum impact on the mother ship’s main operation in mind.
Lightweight & Mobile
The C-Quester 2 is the answer to operations that require the most mobile and lightweight submersible solution. The 2-seater sub can easily be stored in a harbour or, if the circumstances allow it, in a dock near your home.


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