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Sliding Cassette Sunroofs
We have a choice of larger custom designed power-driven sunroof systems for larger yachts, typically 3.5mx2m. Or there is one of Trends sliding glass cassette sunroofs which allow the sun to flood in and are simple to build into the boat structure.

The moving panel is made in-house from carbon fibre composite, allowing thin construction with low weight and high stiffness. Our large custom sunroofs can be offered as fully-glazed with slender carbon framework, have inset roof windows, or be a solid panel. All roofs are manufactured to suit individual customer designs, fully conforming to the boat roof surface.

The carbon may be gel-coated or clear-lacquered, with great attention to the detail of the visible fibres. Glazing panels can be tinted toughened glass, reflective toughened glass, or laminated glass to provide solar heat control.

Canvas Roof Systems
In particular demand is our new electrically operated and controlled folding canvas sunroof system which is custom-designed for individual applications. The new canvas roof system folds and stacks as it opens and features a control interface which is available in 12V or 24V versions powering an IP65 rated motor. The system is suitable for yachts from 35 to 130, it is easy to install, furthermore the canvas roof is double-skinned and durable.

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