tugboat fender / stern / bow / cylindrical
Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure



  • Application domain:

    for tugboats

  • Applications:

    stern, bow

  • Configuration:



Fitted to the bow/stern of tugs and usually used to push against flared hulls and in open sea conditions, Trelleborg’s Tug Cylindrical Fenders are made for applications in extreme conditions. Large Cylindrical Fenders are often used as the primary pushing fenders on the bow or stern of modern tugs. Their round shape is ideal for working with large bow flares (like container ships), but are equally good for pushing flat-sided vessels.

Tug Cylindricals come in diameters of up to 1000 mm and in very long continuous or spigot-joined lengths. A longitudinal chain runs down the center of the fender, supplemented by circumferential straps or chains which are recessed into grooves. Tapered ends are also available.