Outboard electric motor / <2.5 kW
TRAVEL 503 / 1003 (500 -> 1000 W @ 29.6 V) Torqeedo


  • Application:


  • Power:

    <2.5 kW


Imagine that you could easily and cleanly break your outboard down into three parts for simple transport and storage. And in just a few easy steps, put it back together again. Imagine that you could accelerate with such control that your enjoyment on the water begins when you cast off in the harbor. Imagine that you could change from traveling ahead to astern with just a twist of the hand. And that throughout the journey, you could converse at a normal volume. Yes you can! With the Travel. In terms of performance and efficiency, it provides everything a gasoline outboard offers, but it’s much more convenient, quieter and more environmentally friendly.

The Travel 1003 drives tenders, dinghies and daysailers of up to 1.5 tons effortlessly for up to 10 hours. The tiller display with its integrated GPS receiver constantly provides a precise overview of how fast you’re traveling and the remaining range, so that you always know that you’ll be able to get to where you want to. If you’ve drained the lithium battery, recharge it when you get back to the shore or with the 12V on-board system. To do so, you don’t have to dismantle the entire motor; it’s enough to unplug the battery, which, at around 9 lbs really isn’t very heavy, and carry it to the power source.


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