container spreader / semi-automatic
C-lift series TIMARS AB



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    for containers

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Container spreader Timars C-lift

The Timars C-Lift is a semiautomatic fixed frame container spreader for the top lifting of containers by any kind of crane, such as quay crane, mobile crane and even on board a ship.

The C-Lift is sold in 20ft, 30ft and 40ft models with safety weight load S.W.L. from 32 tonnes up to 40 tonnes. The C-Lift operates on the "gravity and lift" principle which means that the locking and unlocking of twistlocks is made by lowering and lifting of the spreader.
The spreader offers unique, new and interesting advantages useful to the customer, such as:

•Safety interlocking system (se more information below),
•Safety Torque Limitation (STB-system
•Fendering guidearm system for safe and fast approach to the container,
•Extremely low tare weight (e.g. 950 kg for a 20ft),
•Visual indicator for twistlock position
•Attachments for overheighthandling of opentop container and flatracks,
•Flexible construction for unstraight conditions

Timars C-lift spreader can withstand tough climates and is of course CE-labelled. All spreaders are quality tested and test loaded.