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Tmax-100% SOLAS-compliant insulation solutions forturbocharger and the entire exhaust system

Thermamax has been the unchallenged technology-leader for SOLAS-compliant insulation of turbochargers and exhaust systems on the high seas for many years. When employed as spray guards, traditional insulation concepts do not offer sufficient protection against penetration by flammable fluids. Thanks to our close collaboration with almost all leading manufacturers of marine engines, we possess the know-how to provide fast and effective
solutions for your problems: Multi-modular Tmax-Insulation housings can be installed either to extend existing turbocharger housings, or as full housing solutions for the engine block and turbocharger, and the entire exhaust system.

Features = Benefits:

100 % SOLAS-compliant = Increased and effective fire prevention and protection

Rugged and durable modular system = Increased machine reliability/high durability

Easy assembly and disassembly of parts, using fixing points on the engine= ease of Maintenance

Retrofitting option

Effective protection for temperature sensitive components