motor joystick / for boats
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motor joystick / for boats motor joystick / for boats - #231000


  • Applications:

    for motors

  • Application domain:

    for boats


Operating modes:
• Turn-Rate Mode: the steering wheel or Joystick rotation selects the turn rate of the vessel, not the rudder angle. With the wheel in the center detent, the heading will be held. Rudders and available Thrusters are used automatically by the Autopilot.
• Servo Mode: rudder position is controlled by the wheel. The rudder follows the wheel movement, same as with a mechanical wheel. This is a simple mode, which does not require a Heading Gyro.
• Speed Mode: For fishing, towing or surveying, select the boat speed or Ground Speed you need.
• Hover Mode: The boat will hold its present position by use of engines and thrusters, while a selected heading or wind angle is maintained at the same time.
• In Anchor mode the boat’s bow or stern seems attached to a virtual buoy (on the GPS), which is set by pressing a button. This mode does not require sideways motion. Anchor or Hover position can be adjusted with the Joystick.
• Joystick Mode: Simply move and rotate the Joystick in the direction you want your boat to move. Much easier than the traditional way!

Up to eight Fly-By-Wire Steering Wheels or Joysticks can be connected, up to 200 m / 700 ft apart.