boat bird deterrent

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Et last the perfect scarecrow! No more birds fouling your boat! (Guano)

•For sail or power boats

•Easy to use, deploys ans stows quicky

•Light and practical

•Stainless Steel construction (V4A)


•Compact and is easy to stow

•Can be used with SwissTech's universal accessories
•No risk to birds

How to deploy: Mount and secure the scarecrow. Deploy the metal wires by pulling the cable and that's it!

To stow: Pull on the other end of the cable and the wires will disappear into the tube.

The random movements of the wires and balls stop seagulls approaching.

For larger boats you simply use additional scarecrows

In the case that you wish to use the Scarecrow whilst your boat is covered with a canopy or tarpaulin, you will need to make a 25mm hole in the material to insert the pole. The Art. No. 2073 and 2074 is designed to stop water coming through that hole..