safety level test software / for ships / for harbors / ISPS


  • Type:

    for safety level tests

  • Application domain:

    for ships, for harbors

  • Other characteristics:



DELTA-ISPS software developed by Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy and STORM in accordance with provisions of the International Ships and Ports Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and SOLAS Chapter XI-2 requirements.

Delta-ISPS was approved by Bureau of Maritime Affaires of the Republic of Liberia.
Delta-ISPS was recommended by Maritime Security Service of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation for using in ISPS training centres of RF.
DELTA-ISPS toolkit can be effectively used by:

Maritime Security (ISPS) training centers as an evaluation of knowledge instrument prior to issuing a certificate of competence;
Port facility and company administrations for testing competence of their personnel;
Crewing companies for testing seafarers applying for a position of Ship Security Officer;
On board ships as an On-board-training facility.
The database of DELTA-ISPS toolkit comprises more than 200 questions based on qualification requirements for:

Ship Security Officers
Company Security Officers
Port Facility Security Officers
ISPS inspectors
The contents of DELTA-ISPS toolkit comprises the following aspects of maritime security:

General requirements of SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and ISPS Code;
Certification, audits and security control;
Security plans, training security personnel;
Psychological basis of security awareness;
Security equipment and on-board as well as port facility security and monitoring systems.