Pot hauler / for fishing boats
BANDIT Spencer Carter


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    for fishing boats


A lightweight hauler designed to take the strain when hauling pots, for the part-time and leisure fisherman. Easily de-mountable for storage in a locker or wheelhouse. The powerful DC motor drives through a quality industrial worm and wheel gearbox which is synthetically
lubricated for life. The main body of the hauler is cast from marine grade aluminium and the drive motor and controls are contained
inside the tough plastic cover.
Waterproof forward and reverse buttons, hold to run for safety, are fitted in the cover. The sheaves are stainless steel, roller and ejector knife are nylon.
The unit is supplied with an easily fitted gunwale mounting bracket and 1m
flying power leads for customer connection or extending. A marine circuit breaker is also included for fitting in the power-line near to the battery.


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