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Spencer Carter Slave Haulers are robust machines designed for professional use in arduous conditions. They can be used for potting and lining, and many other rope hauling applications.

They are designed and built by us in Cornwall, and we carry full spares, on the shelf, for models in excess of 20 years old.

Sheaves are cast from SG Iron. A tough, wear resistant material ideally suited to the job. In addition, replaceable wear plates are now fitted, spun from galvanised steel, to eliminate the need for skimming.

The sheaves rotate on substantial double ball bearings, removing any side loadings from the motor shaft.

The hydraulic motor is a quality high torque type, of european manufacture.

Ejector knife is cast in Bronze, double sided for extra life.

The unit is flange mounted using threaded holes in the base. It can be mounted on a 'P' Bracket, 'P' Bracket/Davit, console, or bulkhead.

They can be supplied with either a capstan, or flat plate.

A Line keep and Guide Roller are useful options, which can be specified separately.


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