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SotecoFoam created FenixFoam®, the innovative expanded structural panel made of fine closed cells suitable for the transportation industry, aeronautics, marine and for all those areas that require materials with good fire reaction.
In order to achieve FenixFoam®s special formulation, different mineral fillers have been used.
These undergo a reaction ahead of the flame front, providing substances that steer the polymer decomposition towards the formation of graphitic-refractory substances.
These hinder the fire propagation and only permit the development of low-density smoke.

FenixFoam® is tested in certified laboratories for fire reaction according to the AFNOR rules for smoke opacity and gas combustion during pyrolysis. Because of its behaviour in fire circumstances, it is classified in the F1 and M1 classes. When it is involved in a fire, the development of FenixFoam®s low-density smoke does not prevent anyone from reaching the emergency exits. The low toxicity of the gas is also very important because it does not prevent people from escaping the fire.
FenixFoam® is produced without the use of halogens and substances of similar nature, unlike traditional self extinguishing foams.

The nature of the material and its structure can be combined with various materials (glass fibres, carbon, metallic foils) using every type of resin in order to form sandwich elements with high rigidity and strength.


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