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roller window covering / window / navigation deck / for boats
SG GLIDER Solarglide Limited



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  • Applications:

    window, navigation deck

  • Application domain:

    for boats, for yachts, ships

  • Options:

    anti-glare, solar


SG Glider – High Performance Anti-glare Solar Screens for Ship Windows

It takes a highly skilled crew of mariners to navigate a vessel safely in and out of port, so it’s important that they have the right equipment to aid them with critical operations. Because ships are constantly moving, they are at the mercy of changing weather patterns; each weather system creating a new set of challenges for the crew to overcome. Excessive heat and solar glare in the wheelhouse can be detrimental to vessel safety, it can affect crew concentration, mood, productivity and long term health.

SG Glider solar shades help to alleviate a lot of these glare related issues, making the bridge a safer and more comfortable environment by offering continuous solar protection for the crew and passengers. SG Glider is a transparent tinted solar blind, comprising of marine tested solar film and a powder coated protective cassette. A retractable roller blind system which complies fully with SOLAS regulations for bridge navigational safety. SG Glider sun screens eliminate up to 93% of solar glare, 83% of solar energy and 97% of harmful UV radiation.

Lower air conditioning costs, glare free visibility of navigational equipment & radar systems, reduced temperatures of up to 15C, and increased crew productivity are just some of the benefits that come with SG Glider bridge solar screens. Expensive bridge equipment is also protected from overheating, lowering long term maintenance costs significantly.

Bridge anti-glare solar screens reduce the risk of costly vessel collisions, whilst improving overall bridge wheelhouse visibility and safety.