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SG ECOGLIDER Solarglide Limited


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Compact solar panel with self-powering battery.

Introducing SG ECOGLIDER solar powered (Motorised) anti glare solar screens a greener solution for a cleaner, more efficient shipping Industry.
SG ECOGLIDER is a self sufficient solar screen harnessing renewable energy from the sun with no hard wiring into the ships power supply. This technology eliminates the need for an electrician, making the installation process quick and cost effective. SG ECOGLIDER screens block out solar glare, dangerous UV radiation and excessive heat; offering protection, clear visibility and safer navigation for your passengers and crew whilst at sea.

You may be aware of the hazards solar glare poses to your vessel. Over time constant glare and heat causes fading to upholstery and overheating of navigation equipment. At the same time, bright glare can make navigation difficult, with high temperatures causing discomfort leading to reductions in daily productivity.

SG ECOGLIDER is an alternative to manually operated solar screens; they are an ideal solution for windows that are often difficult to access due to obstructions such as machinery or furniture. The solar screen is powered by a slim line solar panel which is prefixed to the back of the aluminium cassette. Energy is then stored within a special long life nickel battery which powers the internal motor (Battery life expectancy is 5-8 years)