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anti-fragmentation adhesive film / for windows / for ships
SG SAFETYFILM Solarglide Limited


  • Options:

    anti-fragmentation, for windows

  • Application domain:

    for ships


Strengthening glass, making it safer whilst at sea.

Piracy is an ongoing issue that continues to plague the international shipping industry and those that operate within it. The threat is continuing to cost the sector approximately $6 billion dollars per annum. With the rise of such incidents, shipping companies and mariners must be more vigilant in their strategy for combating this potential threat. Protecting the vessel, its crew, and ensuring that expensive cargo remains safe is critical when dangerous waters are unavoidable. Armed guards are costly and are not always an option, so what can be done to reduce the risk?

SG Safety film is a cost effective solution which makes vessel glass safer. It helps to protect your vessel and crew in the event of dangerous glass breakage during daily vessel operations. SG Safety film strengthens the glass without compromising visibility. It holds dangerous shards of glass together in the event of breakage and is particularly effective in preventing access through windows, allowing crew greater time to alert authorities in the event of a piracy attack.

SG Safety film is tested and certified to BSEN 21600 Class B1 safety standards; complying fully with European guidelines for bomb blast protection. - See more at:


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