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anti-glare adhesive film / for windows / for ships
SG SOLARFILM Solarglide Limited


  • Options:

    anti-glare, for windows

  • Application domain:

    for ships


Adhesive anti glare solar film for non-navigational windows.

The SG Solar Film range offers a balanced performance of good solar heat rejection and high light transmission, opposed to the traditional solar control film which just offers a pleasing exterior. Benefits of using SG Solar Film include; ultra violet filtering, lightening the load on air conditioning units and alleviating the discomfort caused by excessive heat and glare reflections, often experienced by crew members and passengers.

These films are applied on the inside and available in 3 tints, reflective silver, neutral grey and bronze. Each tint has a choice of 3 levels of protection against heat, glare and UV radiation. (Classified by 25/30/50)

External solar film is also available.