Inboard patrol boat / rigid hull inflatable boat / aluminum
SMST Designers & Constructors BV


  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    rigid hull inflatable boat, aluminum

  • Length:

    13.5 m (44' 4")


SMST has currently added a complementary maritime business to its service: Fast Offshore Crafts. The Rigid Inflatable Boats and High Speed vessels that have been manufactured over the last 20 years under a proven name, are now being offered by SMST. With over 120 different hull shapes and various lengths between 4 and 26 meters, SMST supplies to every need and demand, from troop carrier to high speed interceptor. Always fabricated in high specified GRP/epoxy and Aluminum. All vessels are built under ISO and Lloyds specification and therefore are durable and cost efficient in life-time.

The Fast Offshore Crafts can be equipped with another product from the SMST range: the Telescopic Access Bridge. This motion compensated bridge can be fixed on the vessel and is meant to transfer personnel safely to an offshore structure or to the quay side.


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