passenger boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat



  • Type:

    passenger boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    rigid hull inflatable boat

  • Length:

    9.5 m (31'02")

  • Passenger capacity:

    20 unit


Basic Dimensions
ジ Overall Length : 31’ 1’’ (9.50 m)
ジ Inside Length : 27’ 2’’ (8.30 m)
ジ Overall Width : 10’ 1’’ (3.10 m)
ジ Inside Width : 6’ 5’’ (2.0 m)
ジ Weight (excl. engines) : 1,420 kg (3,153 lbs.)
ジ Standard Engines : Yamaha Outboard 2x200 HP
ジ Max speed (standard engines) : 40 knots
ジ Maximum power allowed : 2x350 HP
ジ Maximum payload : 2,950 kg (6,504 lbs.)
ジ Maximum seating capacity : 20 persons
ジ Airtight compartments : 7
ジ Buoyancy Tube fabrics : Hypalon Neoprene 1670 DTEX
ジ Hull & Deck materials : GRP
ジ Design Category : B

Why Choose a RIB?
RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are constructed with a conventional planning hull manufactured
out of fiber-glass with an inflatable collar for increased buoyancy and stability. The collar (or
TUBE) acts as a shock absorber ensuring that the craft has unparalleled seaworthiness,
safety and stability. RIBs are used around the world by Military, First Responder, Commercial
and Recreational users.

Safety of a RIB
We rigorously test each boat before introduction in the market. Some examples of tests to
name a few: All people on 1 side of the boat at full load • Towing the boat at full load • Full
speed turns in 100 meter for maneuverability • Flotation without air in the tubes at full load.