twin-tip kiteboard / hybrid / all-around / speed
2018 Widow Maker SlingShot



  • Type:

    twin-tip, hybrid

  • Intended use:

    all-around, speed


The Windowmaker is the most advanced board in our lineup. Its high-end carbon composite construction isn’t just for looks- it creates a fast and crazy light ride with a sharp, connected feel to the water unlike any other twin tip we make. Classified as an all-around board with moderate rocker, its shape favors all levels of freeriding. The Widowmaker features a progressive three-stage rocker and a distinctive bottom profile with aggressive NACA channeling at the tip and tail designed propel water across the board. These technical features add up to a fast, locked-in board with great upwind tracking, solid pop and a crazy-light feel. On the inside, the board features a high-tech Paulownia/Korroyd core. Paulownia is a wood known for its strong, springy characteristic, while Korroyd is a thermally-welded miniature honeycomb material that provides superior strength at a fraction of the weight of wood. On the outside is a full carbon wrap with carbon Vectran weave in critical stress areas that gives the Widowmaker its super stiff flex and light overall weight.

Package includes:
Widowmaker deck
2" kite fins
Grab handle

High-tech composite construction
NACA channeling increased speed and grip
Strong, light hybrid wood/Korroyd core
Fast, springy, tons of grip and pop
The Ferrari of freeriding