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2016 G-Whiz 9'0" SlingShot

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all-around SUP all-around SUP - 2016 G-Whiz 9'0"


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Offered in 9’ and 9’4”sizes, the 2016 G-Whiz is a compact and agile SUP perfect for paddlers who take their board into the surf but also want a something stable and fast enough to cruise open water. With a unique bottom profile that progresses from flat underfoot to an aggressive V-spine and a snappy three-fin setup in the back, the 2016 G-Whiz tracks well on flat water, paddles into waves with ease and carves seamlessly from rail-to-rail in the surf. An added feature, Slingshot’s Variable Tucked Hard Rail, provides additional bite to increase turning and transition speed.

Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology, the G-Whiz is built with a proprietary Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction, which controls durability and flex and creates a light and impact resistant end result. The board comes equipped with a full cockpit-length EVA pad for traction, a vent plug to manually equalize internal pressure due to heat and atmospheric pressure changes and three FCS fins (a 4.5” center fin and two 5.25” asymmetrical side fins).