boat actuator / for stabilizer systems
Sleipner Motor



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Applications:

    for stabilizer systems


The new SPS55 actuators for the Vector fins™ are incredibly compact and silent, designed to fit in the small available spaces in modern boats below 20m/70ft where living space is strongly prioritized.The SPS55 actuators have been designed to satisfy the needs of owner operated vessels with a total focus on reliability and hassle-free operation, as well as ensuring a quiet operation as they will mostly be installed below the floor in living spaces.Technical design benefits: Squared base plate provides large load distribution area to hull while still being possible to install in tight areas between stringers and bulkheads. Dual, balanced cylinders provide symmetrical load and force. The actuator can be installed in any direction in the boat, the fin angle is totally independent of actuator direction. No moving hoses at all secures against leakages and potential wear, as well as making the installation easier. Oversized bearings for lifetime operation with only a minimal level of maintenance. Rack & pinion drive connection for quiet, reliable, long life operation, with very easy service when needed after thousands of operational hours. Fins are installed and removed very easy and quickly from the outside for best convenience in for example transport or other haul-out situations where this might be needed. Defined shaft-shear point in case of the fins accidentally hitting something. All wet parts in stainless steel.