fishfinder acoustic transducer / depth sounder / for boats
38/200 Combi W Simrad



  • Applications:

    fishfinder, depth sounder

  • Application domain:

    for boats


Simrad 38/200 Combi W is a 38 and 200 kHz wide beam dual single beam transducer
The Simrad 38/200 Combi W is a dual frequency transducer (38 and 200 kHz), and both frequencies operate with wide beams (31°). This makes the transducer perfect for shallow water fish detection using the 200 kHz frequency, and excellent for bottom discrimination from shallow depths and down to several hundred meters using both frequencies. The transducer is not suitable for scientific work.
Typical applications
Fish finding echo sounders
Key technical specifications
Note that the specifications can be altered without prior warning. For a full set of specifications, see the data sheet.
Frequency: 38 and 200 kHz
38 kHz longitudinal: 31°
38 kHz transverse: 31°
200 kHz longitudinal: 31°
200 kHz transverse: 31°
Maximum pulse power input:
38 kHz: 400 W
200 kHz: 250 W
Maximum continuous power input:
38 kHz: 4 W
200 kHz: 2,5 W
Maximum transducer depth: 20 m
Cable length: 15 m
Weight with cable: 5 kg
Physical dimensions:
Diameter: 120 mm
Height (main body): 100.2 mm

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