Boat fish finder / color / 3D / high-definition
StructureScan® 3D Simrad Yachting


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Technology:

    color, 3D, high-definition


Part # -000-12395-001

StructureScan® 3D imaging scans underwater terrain and fish-holding structure to create a high-resolution, 180-degree, three-dimensional view beneath your vessel. With this unique imaging view, anglers gain a better understanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to their vessel. The picture-like, three-dimensional views are displayed on the Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 echosounders/chartplotters, when used in combination with the SideScan 3D Skimmer® transducer and StructureScan® 3D module.

Key Features
Unrivaled SideScan Image Clarity
High Definition (HD) and Super-Wide 3D Scanning
Leading Edge™ Scanning Reference
SelectScan™ Target Identification
Vertical Enhancement Control
Waypoint Overlay
Automatic 3D Image Settings
Ethernet Connectivity
Enhanced SideScan Skimmer® Transducer Design


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