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HALO™-4 Simrad Yachting



  • Network:


  • Application domain:

    for boats, for yachts

  • Type:

    open array


Combining the best characteristics of traditional pulse and FMCW broadband radar systems, our Halo™ Radar uses Pulse Compression technology to provide an unprecedented mix of long and short detection range, high target definition, and minimal clutter. Solid State technology means minimal warm-up time and maximum ocean-going reliability, while low-power pulsed transmissions make Halo Radar safe to run in anchorages and marinas.

Key Features
True 64nm range with 4-foot open array antenna
Beam Sharpening with Target Separation Control
Dual Range operation
Advanced signal processing with Custom, Harbour, Offshore, Weather, and BIRD modes
High-speed 48RPM operation
InstantOn™, ready in 16-25 seconds from power-on, instant from standby
MARPA target tracking, up to 10 targets (20 with dual range)
Low electromagnetic emissions and radiation
Low power consumption with 12/24V operation
Ethernet connectivity
Unique blue LED accent lighting with brightness control