chain connector with swivel / anchor / for boats



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    with swivel, anchor, for boats


Sidermarine has succeeded in designing and patenting these features, being therefore able to ensure boat owners’ safety and tranquility when the boat is anchored.
The patented technology is conceived in order to enhance technical research in a view to create products of unprecedented safety.
• No micro-casting techniques
• Joint with fork for integral anchor
• Forged – printed unique body
• No welded components
• Three-point blockage system; patented tie-rods and pivots made in 17-4-PH stainless steel, whose properties are optimized through heat treatment; breaking load three times superior than the standard stainless steel. Possibility of disassembling for inspections
• Steel not-standard-threaded self-blocking pivots with high mechanical resistance to corrosion
• High resistance to tractive and bending loads; high resistance to accidental opening

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