Monohull oceanographic research ship
NB1019 - 384 DWT Shipyard DeHoop


  • Number of hulls:



Main dimensions :
Lenght over all: 66 metres
Lenght between perpendicular: 58,00 metres
Breadth: 12,80 metres
Draft: 4,00 metres
Depth: 6,85 metres
Deadweight: 384 tons

Propulsion Particulars:
Main Engines: 1 x 1120 kW, 1 x 670 kW diesel electric
Propeller: Main E Motor 100 kW
Speed : 11,6 kn
Auxiliary Engine: 1 aux 450kW, 1 em. 450kW
Complement: 13 crew + 12 scientists
Bowthruster Gilljet, 450 kW

Cargo Features:
Cargo handling: sternframe 10 t, contr.crane 10 t A-frame 10 t

The Pelagia is specially designed to provide a reliable platform for research operations in the North Sea at low speeds and when stationary. The research operations include seismologic and acoustic research and tests require the lowest possible level of noise and vibration. Therefore the vessel is powered by a diesel electric propulsion plant, driving via a frequency convertor a fixed propeller aft and an omnidirectional jet type bowthruster.


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