Dive support vessel offshore support vessel
NB297 - 1.265 DWT Shipyard DeHoop


  • Type:

    dive support vessel


Main dimensions:
Lenght over all: 93.80 metres
Lenght between perpendiculars:76.2 metres
Breadth moulded: 18.00 metres
Depth to maindeck: 7.6 metres
Depth to tweendeck: 4.55 metres
Draught: 4.5 metres
Dead weight: 1.265 tons
Passengers : 72
Divers: 40
Trial speed: 13 knots

Tank volumes:
Gas oil:1.471 m3
Potable water: 347 m3
Lubricating oil: 53 m3
Ballast water: 1.186 m3

Propulsion engine: 4 x 1700 Kw
Azimuth thrusters : 2 x 1880Kw
Bowthrusters motors: 2 x 790 kW

The vessel is equiped in the aftship with two electrical driven Azimuth thrusters with nozzle and controllable pitch propellers with an ouput of 2500 hp at 224 rpm .
In the foreship there are two electrically driven controllable pitch bowthruster units each with an output of 1075 hp at 312rpm.

Rules and regulations:
According to the calculations of the Det Norske Veritas,the ERN (Environmental Regularity Number) is 99,99 and 94. It means that the vessel will keep on station even in rough North Sea conditions at windforce 8.


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