Dive support vessel offshore support vessel
NB314 - 2.163 DWT Shipyard DeHoop


  • Type:

    dive support vessel


Main dimensions:
Lenght over all: 104,50 meters
Lenght between perpendiculars: 86.02 meters
Breadth moulded: 18.00 meters
Depth mld to maindeck: 7.6 meters
Draught: 5.1 meters
Dead weight: 2.163 tons
Divers: 20

Diesel electric machinery: 5 x 1700 kw
Azimuth thrusters: 2 x 1840kw
Bowthrusters motors: 3 x 791 kW

Fuel oil tanks: 1.593 m3
Lubricating oil tanks: 68 m3
Fresh Water tanks: 408 m3
Ballast water tanks : 1.123 m3

The vessel is fitted with two electricallly driven Azimuth thrusters aft and three, also electrically driven, bow thrusters units forward.
Both Azimuth thrusters are fitted with a c.p propeller turning in a propeller nozzle and develloping 1.840 kW at 224 rev/min.
The bow thrusters have a c.p propeller each and devellop 3 x 791 kW at speed of 312 rev/min, while driven by 6 kV, 791 kW, vertically mounted electric motors at 1200 rev/min.

Rules and regulations:
Energy Supporter was built to the requirements of Lloyd's requirement for the Class 100A1: Offshore Supply Ship/Fire Fighting Ship 2 with waterspray,LMC,UMC,Ice Class 3, Dynamic Positioning and Saturation Diving Equipment 100A1 Manned Submersible Craft.


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