Commercial hovercraft / cargo / passenger
A32 Shipbuilding company AEROHOD


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    cargo, passenger

  • Length:

    18.5 m (60' 8")

  • Passenger capacity:

    14 unit


Purpose: year-round passenger and cargo transportation in inland and coastal waters.

Area and operation conditions:

water basins with max wave height 2.5 m (occurence 3%) and max wind speed 15 m/s;
non-navigable waters: shallow, frozen and snow-covered waters, broken ice with obstacle height up to 0.8 m and surfaces with max incline 6о;
operation temperature range from – 35oC to + 40oC.

Type of vehicle: amphibious passenger/cargo hovercraft.

Russian River Register Classification: M-SP 2,5/1,2 SVP.

Main characteristics

Payload, kg 3500
Passenger capacity, prs. 12
Length on air cushion, m 18,5
Beam on air cushion, m 8,0
Height on air cushion (without mast), m 4,5
Transportation dimensions, m 17,7 х 3,2 х 3,73
Engines Mercedes OM501LA
Number of cylinders and their arrangement 6, V-type
Volume capacity, l 11,95
Nominal power, kW (hp) 2 x 315 (2 x 428)
Crew, prs. 2
Cruising speed on water, km/h 60
Cruising speed on snow, km/h 70
Climbing angle, degrees 6
Obstacle clearance, m 0,8
Fuel consumption, l/h 130
Proppelling system two 6-blade propellers in ring
Air cushion inflatable balloons, front and rear skirts
Min operation temperature, degrees C -35
Max wind speed, m/sec 15

PRICE EXW - 940,000 USD


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