Commercial hovercraft / passenger
A20 Shipbuilding company AEROHOD


  • Type:


  • Applications:


  • Length:

    12.9 m (42' 4")

  • Passenger capacity:

    20 unit


A20 hovercraft is intended for year-round passenger transportation of cargo and passengers on rivers, lakes and coastal sea zones with capability to enter unequipped shore. It can travel over shallow waters, swamps, broken ice, deep snow.

Technical parameters

Payload, t 2,0
Length hovering, m 12,9
Beam hovering, m 4,4
Height hovering (without mast) m 4,4
Engine, type diesel engine
Engine power, h.p. 312
Speed on water, km/h 60
Speed on snow, km/h 70
Climbing angle, degrees 8
Max climbing angle at full speed (up to 20 m lomg), degrees 18
Clearance, m 0,6
Max obstacle height, m 0,6
Fuel consumption, l/h 59
Fuel stock, l 400
Range, km 400
Propelling system 6-blade propeller in a ring
Air cushion inflatable balloons, front and rear skirts
Min operation temperature, degrees C -35
Max wind speed, m/s 15
Min crew, prs. 2
Passenger capacity, prs. 18
Max wave height in air cushion mode (1% occurrence), m 0,75
Max wave height in displacement mode (1% occurrence), m 1,2

PRICE EXW - 360,000 USD


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