commercial hovercraft / private / patrol / rescue
A8 (Hivus-10) Shipbuilding company AEROHOD



  • Type:

    commercial, private

  • Applications:

    patrol, rescue, cruising, ambulance, passenger, tourist

  • Length:

    8.2 m (27'00")

  • Passenger capacity:

    10 unit


Amphibious hovercraft HIVUS-10 is intended for year-round operation as a cruising, rescue, tourist, ambulance or patrol vehicle as well as for passenger transportation.

Operation range of the hovercraft – water basisns with max wave height up to 1,2 m.

Distinctive features:

Ability to move in shallow waters, over swamps, deep snow, broken ice and to overcome slightly sloping river banks, washouts and sand ridges;
Original design of air cushion (Russian patent RF No 2097231), providing a high level of safety due to increased stability and maneuverability;
Safe emergency braking on firm ground;
Air cushion parts non-freezing to icy surfaces;
Low noise propeller.

Main characteristics

Payload, kg 900
Passenger capacity, prs. 9 (without driver)
Length, m 8,25
Beam (transportation width), m 3,08 (2,52)
Max height, m 2,65 м
Engine type petrol or diesel engine
Engine power, hp 143-198
Speed on water, km/h 50
Speed on snow, km/h 70
Max overpassable incline, degrees 6
Clearance, m 0,5
Max overpasseble obstacle height, m 0,4
Fuel consumption, litres/hour 25-30
Fuel stock, litres 120
Range, km up to 250 (with additional tanks – 400)
Propulsion system 6-blade propeller in a ring
Air cushion composition Inflatable balloons (skegs),
front and rear skirt
Min operational temperature, degrees C – 35 (below zero)
Max wind speed, m/sec 15

PRICE EXW - 70,000 USD