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    for harbors

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The Roller Fender is generally built from an energy absorbing elastomer unit which is mounted onto a single rotating shaft. This unit is designed with maintenance-free bearings, typically from stainless steel, and composite material. Mounted into a steel casing it can rotate freely.The main purpose of Roller Fenders is to act as a guiding system for a smooth and safe passage.

Roller Fenders can be installed in various combinations such as

Stacked double or triple fender to cover larger heights in tidal areas
Side by side to guide the vessel through a narrow passage
Installed with an angle to cater for flare angles of the vessel hull

Roller Fenders come in certain standard sizes but typically each project requires a unique design. ShibataFenderTeam would be pleased to receive your design input allowing us to engineer the correct type, size and overall layout of the Roller Fender.


Good energy absorption
Guiding system
Typically maintenance free
Multi purpose use


Entrance to locks, dry docks and other narrow or exposed areas

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