Boat AIS / Class B receiver
2RxPRO SevenStar Electronics Ltd


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:

    Class B receiver


The 2RxPRO features industry-leading, pro-quality sensitive digital radio receivers that monitor both AIS channels simultaneously, so you do not miss messages or have to wait for the data to be eventually received (as is the case with all single channel AND switched single channel receivers.) No setup is required - just install a suitable VHF antenna (or use an existing one with the -S), 9-28v power (only 1watt consumption at 12v) and connect to your PC or plotter using the USB and NMEA0183 outputs. And if you are running out of NMEA ports, the 2RxPRO can also take in a NMEA feed at 4800 baud from your GPS or other instrument, and multiplex the data in with the AIS data going off to your plotter - so you don't even need another NMEA port to install it!


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