Inboard day cruiser / with enclosed cockpit
25 E14 Seaward


  • Motor type:


  • Deck layout:

    with enclosed cockpit

  • Length:

    7.74 m (25' 5")


The Seaward Nelson 25 has found favour for many years with discerning motor boat users and ex sailors alike. Now updated with a string of improved features, the latest Seaward 25 E14 is even more practical. The possibility to step aboard after breakfast, turn the keys and be in Cherbourg for lunch with maximum comfort and security will appeal to all those more used to the typical 12-14 hour English Channel crossings. Twin diesel inboard engines on shaft drives are standard on this craft, with a choice from the Yanmar 4JH4 series. The engines are installed completely independently of each other, each with their own fuel tank and electrical system. The deep 3/4 length keel with twin rudders and contra-rotating propellers make simple work of negotiating even the most difficult of berths. The 25 will rotate in its own length when one engine is put astern and the other ahead. This amazing manoeuvrability is not just the result of having two engines but is due to a combination of factors unique on a craft of this size and type.


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