pleasure boat antifouling / self-polishing / aluminum / for steel
038 Taisho Seajet paint


  • Market:

    for pleasure boats

  • Type:


  • Formulated for:

    aluminum, for steel, for wood, fiberglass

  • Composition:



Introducing SEAJET 038 TAISHO - copper-free antifoul with ECONEA®

Underwater fouling will reduce your sailing performance and increase your fuel consumption, so it’s very important that your boat hull is kept as smooth, clean and efficient as possible.

For boat owners wishing to apply a 100% eco-friendly anti-foul product with less environmental impact, Seajethave introduced 038 Taisho – an entirely copper-free formulation using ECONEA® and various other co-biocides.

Seajet 038 Taisho is a high-performance, self-polishing,multi-season product that’s as easy to apply as any traditional, roll-on antifouling. By applying just three roller coats, Taisho will provide underwater hull protection for up to two seasons.

Available in five strong, bright colours, including White, Mid-Blue, Navy-Blue, Red and Black andin 0.75Litre, 2.5Litre and 5.0Litre containers, Taisho has the added benefit of full compatibility across all hull types, including polyester, wood, steel and aluminium and once applied is dry to re-launch after only 16 hours at 5°C, or less time at milder ambient temperatures.

Living proof that it’s now possible to apply a high performance, low biocide antifoul with less environmental impact, independent antifoul comparison tests have confirmed wonderful results with Taisho being placed at the top of a list of eleven competitor products within the May 2016 edition of highly respected UK consumer boating magazine, Motorboat & Yachting. Visit for more information and to read the product comparison report within MBY magazine.

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