outboard inflatable boat / foldable / sport / 7-person max.
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    7-person max.

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The 14 ft. Sport Runabout is a favorite of larger groups as well as police and fire departments alike.

This rugged boat can carry up to 7 adults or 2000 lbs. Able to accommodate up to a 40 hp/15" shaft engine, this boat can really move!

*For optimal performance max horsepower motor rating for the inflatable drop stitch floor package is 25hp/15" shaft motor.

Person Capacity7
Hull Weight47 kg. (59 kg. with inflatable floor, 77 kg. with plastic floorboards)
Length427 cm
Beam182 cm
Interior292cm x 89cm
Load Capacity7 Adults or 907 kg
DeflatedApprox. 117cm x 66cm x 36cm (hull), 102cm x 80cm x 13cm (floorboards)
Chambers5 (port, starboard, bow, keel & DS floor)
Tube Diameter48 cm
Air Valves5 Recessed One Way
Inflation time25 min. (w/ inflatable floor), 35 min. (w/ floorboards)
SeamCombination 98% High Frequency Welded with double overlap seams and 2% high strength glue finish
Material1100 Decitex Reinforced
Engine Capacity25 hp (w/ inflatable floor), 40 hp (w/ plastic floorboards), 79 kg max weight, 38cm Shaft, Gas Engine
FloorInflatable Floor (11.3 kg), Plastic Floorboards (30 kg)
Speed Estimates25 hp (32 kph w/ 2 adults, 24 kph w/ 4 adults), 40 hp (48 kph w/ 2 adults, 40 kph w/ 4 adults)