boat jackline
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This line meets the requirements of EN 1891 Type A and thus carries the CE mark. It can be used as a working line in heights (eg abseiling on masts), as a deck line for the safety of the crew, as lifeline for the towing of boats and all other applications where a rope with low elongation and high tensile strength, especially at night, is required. The line should not be permanently exposed to the UV radiation. If the rope gets wet, it may shrink up to 4,3 %.


Length: 50 m

Color: White with black and blue stripes and incorporated reflective stripes

Diameter: 10.5 mm

Material: core braid jacket, 100% polyamide

Nominal weight: 72.8 g / m

Elongation: 4.7%

Shrinkage when wet: Max 4.3%

Min breaking load: 3360 kg

Packing: Coils in shrink film

Weight: 3.8kg

Standard: EN 1891 Type A

Complies with the EU Directive 89/686/EC