boat lifebuoy light
50030 SeaCurity GmbH


  • Application domain:

    for boats


This flashing lifebuoy light has SOLAS and MED (steering wheel) approval and fulfils the norm ISDO 24408:2005.
Once the lifebuoy together with this flsh light are thrown over board into the water, it will float upright and automatically begin to emit flashes by connecting the two contacts at the bottom of the device. The lifebuoy light is completely watertight and is made out of a strong UV resistant polycarbonate.
The flashes will be emitted during a period of ≥ 8 hrs. during an ambient temperature of -1° Cup to +30° C. The luminous intensity is ≥ 2 candela.
The article has an expiry period of 5 years counted as from the date of manufacture and must be dispoed of thereafter in accordance with the local regulations.

Instalation onboard
Th lifebuoy light will be mounted in the direct vicinity of the lifebuoy and shall be firmly attached to the lifebuoy with the nylon cord. The lifebuoy light must be mounted in the accompanying clip in a reverse position, as the flash light will not be activated in this position even when rain will connect the contacts at the bottom.